Top Drops with Island Gin bottle

Island Gin is the brainchild of Andi Ross. The product was inspired by Ross' frequent summer visits to the beautiful Medlands Beach in Great Barrier Island, where she developed an interest in crafting cocktails and harnessed a passion for experimenting with gin flavours. One distillery pot and hundreds of lessons on distillery later, she's finally perfected her own gin recipe.

Island Gin is copper pot distilled using locally harvested island honey with organic Macedonian juniper berries and triple filtered rainwater. The bottle was made in collaboration with O-I New Zealand from recycled glass collected from Great Barrier Island and other parts of New Zealand. Island Gin's very own Andi Ross and her friend Tanja Ledwich intricately designed each bottle, which stars a unique kina-inspired design meant to evoke memories of the colours of the kina and the water surrounding the island.

"Just as no two kina are the same, no two bottles are the same," shared Ross. "Each bottle has a minimal but captivating green colour variation that occurs during the production process, changing between Sea Green and Arctic Blue. So in a way that mimics nature, each bottle is both of its kind and unique in and of itself."

Ross hopes that the gin's unique bottle packaging will encourage customers to reuse it and promote a sustainable bottle cycle. "My intention has always been to make a beautiful, sustainable object that will be reused - perhaps as a carafe or as a vessel for water or olive oil or even as a vase. I wanted it to be kept because it's lovely in its own right."

The flavour profile of Island Gin is one that is citrus-forward and with floral notes. The Island Manuka and Bush honey provide a lot of depth and coupled with the coriander, juniper and other botanicals complete a beautiful mouthfeel.