Gin Rat Traps Set to Save Native Birds

An award-winning gin made on the Kapiti Coast now comes housed in its very own handmade wooden rat trap, to help more people to play a part in conserving New Zealand’s native birdlife.

A limited edition release of The Bond Store’s Kawakawa Gin is being launched in the rat trap boxes as a practical, sustainable and highly unique alternative to a gift box. The Bond Store owners Chris Barber and Bec Kay regularly trap rats on their Wairarapa property where the Kawakawa used to infuse their gin is grown.

“The Department of Conservation estimates that rats, and other predators such as stoats and possums, kill over 25 million native birds each year,” said Kay.

“Initially we began by gifting rat traps to family and friends who loved them, and the idea of combining our gin with rat traps grew from there. It’s important for people to understand that trapping rats is something we can all do to help preserve our native birds and other species, and it’s not just something done commercially.”

Kay explained that sustainability is at the core of the business, and said she came up with the idea to make a rat trap part of their packaging while enjoying a gin in her Raumati back yard and seeing a rat scamper across the lawn.

“We’re also on a mission to reduce waste - most gift boxes are thrown away after they’re received, so we want to change that. This was the perfect solution, and we hope people’s friends, family and neighbours get trapping in their backyards.”

The Bond Store wooden traps come with full instructions for use, and can trap both rats and mice. They are a ‘no-touch design’ and were all made locally by a not-for-profit community organisation on the Kāpiti Coast. Once the bottle of locally-distilled Kawakawa gin is removed, the gift box is ready to use as a trap, and comes complete with a sachet of Pic’s Peanut Butter to bait it.

According to DoC, rats, and other predators such as stoats and possums, eat birds, seeds, snails, lizards, weta, eggs, chicks, larvae, native plants and more.

“This is the perfect combination of helping DOC on their quest to eradicate vermin from the backyards of Aotearoa, and a smooth award-winning gin in a truly useful gift-box,” expressed Kay.