Chef Reveals Life Changing Hack in Viral TikTok

A top chef who worked under Heston Blumenthal has revealed the ultimate aluminium foil hack that will solve one of the most frustrating problems in the kitchen.

British-born chef Robbie Bell has shared a now-viral TikTok video showing what to do when your foil starts to ‘spiral’, leaving behind uneven layers.


Best kitchen hack ever by my boy Shaun Hurrell @barriocomida one of the UK’s best chefs. #kitchenhack #cookinghack #foodhack

♬ original sound - 🔪 Robbie Bell 🥘

“This is one of the best kitchen hacks I’ve ever been shown,” said Robbie, the owner and head charcutier at City Larder in Melbourne.

Instead of trying to slowly ‘unpeel’ all the ‘spirals’, Robbie scrunches a section of foil into a ball - and uses that to scratch the damaged layers. Unbelievably, this simple abrasive action works to ‘release’ the layers, making it possible to use the rest of the roll like normal.

No, we can’t quite believe it either.

“If your tin foil ever gets knotted up like this, take a little bit [of foil] off, rub it on the part where it’s overlapped or it’s not working properly and it’ll all come away,” Robbie said.

“Just unroll the tin foil as if it’s brand new. You’re welcome.”