Future megatrends will be the focus of the annual Hospitality NZ conference in Auckland next week. The conference has engaged key note speaker, Derek Handley, founder of Aera Foundations and The Hyperfactory to address the conference.
Handley co-founded The Hyperfactory in 2001, which at the time was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the power of mobile devices for connecting consumers, brands and mass media. He then worked with Sir Richard Branson to form a group of global leadership icons to look at better ways of doing business for people and the planet. Most recently Handley has founded the Aera Foundation, which invests in new companies and cuases that address social issues in innovative ways.

Scheduled to take place at SkyCity Convention Centre from 11-13 October, the conference attracts a wide range of hospitality operators, government representative and industry stakeholders.

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