AcquaBotanical is a clear, clean tasting water made from 100 percent fruit and vegetables. The company found a way to harvest the water from the freshest Australian produce at the same time as juice concentrate is made. Utilising every available drop of water contained in the fruit and vegetables, AquaBotanical has proudly created a new sustainable source, the world’s first botanical water.

Concentrating juice involves evaporative removal of large amounts of water. This natural water fraction derived from either fruit or vegetables contains nutrients, flavour and sugar and cannot be used for irrigation purposes. Instead it is treated and discharged. However, thanks to a new process recently developed, this fruit or vegetable water fraction can be converted to drinking water that is clean, toxin and sugar free, using very little energy. This botanical water, is entirely derived from fruit and vegetables. It can be produced from a range of fresh produce, including carrots, grapes, citrus, apple, pear, grapefruit, olive and even sugar cane juice.

Thanks to its clean, subtle, silky mouthfeel without the salty, acidic aftertaste of many mineral waters, AquaBotanical complements wine and gourmet food.

Packaged in quality blue glass with premium branding, the water is available in still and sparkling in two sizes 330ml and 750ml.