Ginette Mathiot

Her name might ring a bell as the late Ginette Mathiot featured on Restaurant&Café earlier this year with ‘Preserving’. An inexhaustible source of cooking inspiration, her fundamentals have been gathered once again in a comprehensive volume, ‘France-The Cookbook’, which was originally published in 1932 as ‘Je sais cuisiner’ (‘I know how to cook’). It contains the building blocks for good home cooking, reflecting the mindset of an era when making the of simple ingredients and leftovers was key.
Mathiot herself conceived it as a “well-organised work based on sound cooking principles,” as she expressly wrote. “A good cookery book must only offer useful information.”
According to Clotilde Dusoulier, who curated this brand-new version, adapting this cookbook for the contemporary, international readers was the greatest challenge, and some of the original recipes have been adjusted to suit the modern palate.
“Such decisions were never made lightly,” said Dusoulier. “The quality, simplicity and breadth of the recipes, as well as the author’s sensible voice, made the book an instantaneous success, and a lasting one, too.”