A Tauranga marketing executive who keeps a running tally of all the food trucks operating in New Zealand has said that the country is on the midst of a food truck boom.

"Food trucks are magical ways to eat," said Sheldon Nesdale. "They're delicious and gourmet, the meal choices are unique. They're really great value for money because they've got fewer overheads, they're mobile and can turn up to events, there's this fun element about them."

Maggie Gray, owner of the RAWE food truck, said that owning a food truck has its difficulties, especially around council restrictions, a lack of events to trade at and now increasing competition.

"It's becoming a little bit flooded because there are so many food trucks, but there's not enough events, or profitable events, and places to trade," she said.

According to statistics from Auckland Council, there are 312 food trucks and 119 coffee carts operating in the city. Christchurch City Council has 206 registered portable operators, up from 188 four years ago. Wellington City Council issued 44 food truck licenses last year but a change in regulation of food safety meant that only 13 had been issued so far in 2018.

In the state of Victoria alone, the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group estimates there are over 3000 food trucks, double the number from two years ago.