Food truck favourite, Peach's Hot Chicken, has officially opened its first physical store in Panmure.

Alex and Olivia George, owners behind the successful business, are thrilled about the decision to set up a brick and mortar store out East.

"We've got a soft spot for Panmure," said Alex George. "A lot of new openings are either in the city or the west side, so we're giving the eastern suburbs a little bit of love."

The duo has been out on the road for over two years, selling the beloved Nashville hot chicken from its retro-inspired food truck. The Panmure store is painted in pink, with the interior fit-out designed by Gerrick Numan.

The menu is kept the same as the food truck offerings with a few new options added. The new venture isn't an end of an era but an expansion, as the fan-favourite food truck will roll out again in January 2020 for St Jerome's Laneway Festival.