Food Hui 2020

The most important food conversation in New Zealand is coming soon. Food Hui 2020 is a two-day gathering presented by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand and Eat New Zealand to consider some of the most important questions, challenges and opportunities in New Zealand food and hospitality at the moment.

We’re a small country with a big voice, and when we speak, more often than not, the world listens. So, Food Hui is gathering up some of the best local and international speakers who bring with them tools, stories, and ideas to educate and inspire.

This year Food Hui is excited to be joined by Benjamin Calleja, Co-Founder of The Fast Fine Restaurant Group, (V and 1889 Fast Fine Pizza) the birthplace of Fast Fine Social, who will speak about bringing experiential, thoughtful and efficient concepts to the Stockholm, Malmö and Los Angeles markets and eventually all over the world. Disruptive restaurant brands with innovation labs for extraordinary guest experiences as well as highly efficient and profitable restaurants.

Other presentations this year include:

  • The new future of dining post Covid19 / lockdown – changing dining habits and service styles
  • Establishing where tech works best: fitting technology into your customers' journey
  • Preparing for the future: diversification & alternative revenue streams
  • What if this happened again? Business contingency planning for another world event
  • Personalisation through Automation - How to do mass personalisation in the age of COVID
  • What do consumers want from businesses in 2020/21 - the trends that will have the biggest impact
  • Sustainability panel - plant-based | line-caught | traceability | ethical trends are not trends - they are here to stay.
  • Revisiting our national food strategy.
  • Kaitaki - our young food storytellers
  • Local Grain Economy
  • Slow Fish
  • Regional Food Stories

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand has partnered with Eat New Zealand to bring a plethora of speakers and panellists to take the stage to share knowledge and insights. Assembled for two days of talking, listening and thinking about New Zealand food, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn from movers and shakers.

The event is for all Restaurant Association members and Eat New Zealand supporters, as well as food lovers nationally. Hundreds of small business owners/operators, chefs, restaurateurs, suppliers and media are expected to attend.

For more information see the Restaurant Association website.