Online Leadership Workshop

The Restaurant Association is running a 4-week Leadership Development workshop focused on developing leadership skills in Managers (and Owners) of all levels, this also includes a follow-up one-hour mentor session.

Presented by Chanel Finnigan, Positive people

Hospitality businesses face a number of challenges to operate efficiently and achieve competitive advantage. One of the most important elements that contribute to team success is the leadership delivered in a business. The Restaurant Association is running an online leadership development workshop consisting of one 2 hour workshop per week (4 weeks total) followed by one on one coaching sessions during the following week aimed at ensuring the skills developed result in real workplace change and gains. This workshop is focused on developing leadership skills in Managers (and Owners) of all levels.

These workshops would contain best practice theory, experiential learning and real-life examples enabling Managers to develop leadership techniques that will allow them to better motivate, engage and inspire their teams towards high performance.

Each workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Principles
  • Coaching for success
  • Motivating team

These workshops will be held on:

  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Monday 3 August
  • Monday 10 August
  • Tuesday 25 August

What will be covered in the leadership workshop?

Ensuring that leaders have the right skills and a clear understanding of their role is essential for their success. This workshop helps Managers to understand the essentials of leadership and enables them to develop their skills to deliver productive outcomes.

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. Communication is a dynamic process and how managers communicate can positively or negatively affect workplace relationships and the performance of the team. This workshop covers the key communication principals and skills needed to get this right.

An often-asked question is “How do I get the best out of my team?” This workshop has been specially developed to help leaders understand this complex motivational question and assist them to develop practical tools which aid in motivating and engaging their teams and improve retention of staff.

About Chanel Finnigan, Positive People:

Chanel’s background is in leading projects and day-to-day management across Human Resources and Learning & Development, in the UK and New Zealand. Coupled with a Bachelor of Business Management Studies (Hons), she brings her practical HR generalist and line management capability to any organisational issue or opportunity. As a trained Coach, with International Coaching Federation membership, Chanel values working with leaders to help facilitate their journey of moving a team in the direction they have chosen. Her first-hand experience during University working within hospitality enables her to understand the opportunities and challenges those working in this field face.