Restaurant Association Professional Development: July 2020

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand is committed to providing expert professional development courses for the hospitality industry.

Here are the webinars and workshops the Association has coming up this month:

First Aid for Hospitality, Auckland – 22 July 2020

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand has worked with St John to design a first aid training experience that addresses the specific requirements of the hospitality industry. Due to popular demand, the association has released further courses for 2020.

This workshop is tailored to the requirements of the hospitality industry and forms part of your workplace health and safety programme.

On completion attendees will:

  • be able to recognise life-threatening situations
  • be able to offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives

This workshop will cover:

  • burns
  • bleeding/cuts
  • fractures/sprains
  • allergic reactions
  • scenarios related to hospitality businesses
  • scene assessment and danger mitigations
  • CPR & foreign body airway obstruction
  • patient assessment and positioning

Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Staff, Webinar – 23 July 2020

Now more than ever, hospitality businesses need to find ways to think outside the box to motivate, attract and retain staff using factors other than money.

Money may seem like the prime factor for motivation, however, there are plenty of other options you can look at that will create a loyal team, that won’t necessarily break the bank.

Jamie Williams, CEO of Kapura in Wellington, will be talking through his tips and tricks on how you can attract, retain and motivate staff without using money as the prime factor. After all, what’s more motivating than being encouraged to become a better version of you?

Wellness Update with the Mental Health Foundation, Webinar – 24 July 2020

2020 has put the industry through a lot so far and isn’t giving much certainty of where it will go next.

Often, we will put off focusing on mental wellbeing while we deal with one practical problem after another, waiting till there is a break in the storm to rest and recover. In reality, to get through this we need to take care of the most important asset our workplaces and we have – ourselves.

Lisa Ducat from the Mental Health Foundation will look at why the hospitality industry needs to look after mental health now and what practical steps we can do for ourselves and others to get through together.

Train the Trainer FOH, Auckland – 27 July 2020

Whether you are the restaurant owner, manager or team leader, you will have a wealth of knowledge and skills to be passed onto others.

Training within the hospitality business is important to the overall success and plays an important role in increasing the productivity and enthusiasm of your colleagues and employees.

This workshop is designed to help those who are involved in on the job training develop their skills to ensure the training they provide is fun, flexible and effective. Topics covered will include:

  • The Value and Benefits of Training to the Trainee, Trainer, Customer and the Business
  • What are the traits and skills of a great trainer?
  • The four stages of learning and the role of the trainer at each stage
  • Understanding Learning styles – one size does not fit all
  • Training tools to takeaway
  • Questions and Feedback

First Aid for Hospitality, Whangarei – 28 July 2020

*See First Aid for Hospitality, Auckland.

The Future of Hospitality, Webinar – 28 July 2020

Join the association for a series presented by a panel of Regional Tourism Organisations. Each episode will cover how each office is promoting hospitality in their own regional tourism strategy, as well as a background into their very own regional food story. It will focus on looking towards the future and what this may look like for the industry.

This week’s episode is presented by Elle Armon-Jones. Elle came to New Zealand as a 23-year-old and fell in love with New Zealand through the food and Kiwi “Can do” attitude. Elle set up The Big Foody to combine her love of food, people, and New Zealand.

Elle appears regularly on international travel shows promoting New Zealand food and wine and is invited to speak at conferences and events throughout Auckland and New Zealand.

Online Leadership Workshop (Including in-house mentor session), Webinar – 28 July – 25 August 2020

The Restaurant Association is running a 4-week Leadership Development workshop focused on developing leadership skills in Managers (and Owners) of all levels, this also includes a follow-up one-hour mentor session.

To view this workshop in detail, click here.