Flavours | Coffee

Now more than ever, Kiwis love their coffee. Starting the day with a flat white or a cheeky mocha at lunch is practically a daily routine.
But coffee isn't just a beverage; it is a valuable ingredient that can be used in all types of cooking.

Coffee cupcakes are an excellent way to take everything people love about coffee cake but make it small. Often associated with sweet treats due to the balancing bitterness that compliments it so well, coffee-infused baking is a popular addition to the cabinet. Embellishing with lush coffee-flavoured icing and chocolate-covered coffee beans is also a nice touch. A coffee-flavoured loaf is another excellent way to serve diners their morning caffeine fixes, such as banana bread or ginger loaf. The coffee loaf is moist, full of flavour, and delicious.

If it is an after-dinner treat missing from your menu, then coffee ice cream is the next best thing. This luxurious dessert will be a fan favourite by mixing coffee with flavours such as chocolate or caramel. Try offering something you wouldn't usually find, like mocha java, or add other condiments like a caramel ripple or chocolate chips.

An espresso martini has been hailed worldwide as one of the most loved cocktails. The blend of coffee liqueur with vodka makes for a blissful, chilled beverage. Espresso Martinis are a blissful balance of the two flavours and one of the classiest drinks to order.

Coffee is universal, and it comes in more ways than just one. Be sure to add more options to the menu, especially when customers crave their caffeine fix even more.