Flavours | Coconut

Adding an element of tropical succulence to any dish or beverage, Coconut has proven itself to be one of the leading flavours on the menu. The sweet taste that it brings to the table is used in many styles of cooking, be it in a curry, a desert, or even when making a pina colada.

Every year, approximately 63 million coconuts are sold every year, becoming a staple ingredient of cuisine in many different cultures. Indonesia is the world's largest coconut producer, shipping over 17 million metric tonnes of coconuts in 2021. 

The fresh milk inside a coconut is rich with flavour, and is used in both savoury and sweet, meals and beverages as well. An example of this is the use of coconut milk in south-east Asian meals, where it can be mixed with various spices to create a taste sensation.

Coconut is also a popular ingredient for desserts, and is often associated with chocolate, slices, or even the much-loved “coconut ice.”

Coconut oil is another useful ingredient that it presents and is both an effective way to fry various dishes, creating extra flavour at the same time, but also a much healthy way to cook popular dishes. 

Be it desiccated, in oil form, or used as a dressing, coconut is an evergreen ingredient that still serves as one of the most popular flavours on the menu.