Flavours | Chocolate

Chocolate has long been a popular base flavour to experiment with, with hundreds of endless possibilities. As the colder months have now approached, now is the time to offer guests new and exciting flavour combinations.

Hot chocolate is a winter staple at the café, and so why not jump on the bandwagon and give it a twist? Hazelnut has rapidly become a popular chocolate accompaniment, and hazelnut hot chocolate is a rich way to enhance the flavour. Other flavours that would be best suited to hot chocolate include cinnamon, salted caramel, or peppermint.

If it's a stronger drink you were thinking of, then look no further. A chocolate martini is made from equal parts of vodka, chocolate liquor, and Irish cream, and served chilled. For a hint of spice, add a touch of chilli to the mix, or for a tropical alternative add orange or pineapple to the mix.

More than four million metric tons of chocolate are consumed globally every year, proving that it is one of the most loved confections around the world. Especially during the middle months of the year, everyone is in need of a chocolate fix.