Nature’s element of fire has seen little innovation until now, with Naked Flame’s Bio Fuel fireplaces. Naked Flame’s products do not produce smoke, nor do they require a chimney or flue. Easy to install and use, the fireplaces only require ethanol fuel to run and burn with 98 percent efficiency, making them environmentally friendly. The versatile range of sleek, modern designs complement a variety of accommodation styles and include offerings for free-standing, wall mounted and tabletop fireplaces. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces, guests can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the real flames in any setting and the ambience can be controlled by adjusting the flames. Built to last, Naked Flame products come with a three-year guarantee. Experts in the field of Bio Fuel, Naked Flame provide New Zealand’s largest range of Bio Fuel fires and offer free delivery. For more information, please visit