Finding the Balance Between Cost and Service

For those working in the restaurant industry, finding a wholesale supplier that delivers high quality products and service, while maintaining competitive pricing, can be an ever present challenge. A larger overseas supplier may bring costs downs, but often fall short in terms of service and flexibility. In contrast, a small distributor may deliver on service, but have less competitive pricing.

Does there really have to be a trade-off between service and cost? After over 20 years in the food service industry, Countrywide Distributor’s Ltd CEO, Dennis Cox has figured out how to offer both affordable pricing and personalised service.

Countrywide’s innovative distribution model enables them to deliver attention to detail in terms of service, while keeping costs to their customers at a minimum.  The company was formed to enable small distributors to compete in the market, by supporting them with the purchasing power of a big buying company. This collective buyer power ensures prices are kept down, without sacrificing service. Countrywide support their members with the coordination of purchasing and policy development and centralised payments, creating a strong relationship with each owner- operator.

Their eleven owner-operated companies around New Zealand deliver energetic, responsive service that is simply not possible in a larger company. The important point of difference is that each member operates an exclusive area of distribution and is knowledgeable on the requirements of that area.

Service is more personalised. One Christchurch chef said “Countrywide members go the extra mile.” They certainly do, with some owner operators work seven days a week, on hand for those last minute emergencies. Countrywide Distributors serve the food service industry in New Zealand providing low cost wholesale food, while delivering service that minimises the stress involved in managing your stock.