Fake KFC adverts look to scam foreigners

A spokesperson for Restaurant Brands, operators of KFC, are urging people overseas who are being targeted by fake job adverts to be wary. Images are floating around the internet that promise a job at KFC that can pay up to 100,000 Philippines pesos a month—around NZ$2924. The adverts promise this to people who are willing to make the move to New Zealand and take up roles at KFC.

Unfortunately, these adverts work, as there are plenty of people around the world that are desperate for work. Bronwyn Groot, manager of fraud education at the Commission for Financial Capability, said that adverts like this are phishing scams that are often used to gather personal information that can then be sold to others. If people are serious about moving to New Zealand, Groot said, they should look at the New Zealand Immigration website.

There are previous reports of companies being imitated for similar schemes; if people are at all unsure, they should always go through the companies websites and contact numbers should they be at all worried.