Extending milk’s shelf life

Australian company Naturo has patented technology which is said to be able to keep milk fresh for up to two months. Jeff Hastings, chief executive, said that the new processes would be able to produce milk that was both fresh, and safe to drink for up to 60 days without needing to “cook it”.

Although Hastings is keeping detail specific processes close to his chest, he alluded that it didn’t involve heat and was able to kill bacteria without killing vitamins and enzymes. Hastings also said that this new technology was “the biggest breakthrough in the global dairy industry since pasteurisation”.

The extension of milk’s shelf life could mean that it can be shipped internationally cheaper. It could also extend the footprint of the milk trade. At this stage, Naturo is looking into options for setting up a pilot plant in Australia which would be capable of producing 10 million litres of milk per year.