Domino’s Delivery Service Goes Electric

Pizza has long been a favourite meal of many, whether it be a traditional Italian recipe, in a bar with friends, or as a late-night snack. Domino’s is now going the extra mile to ensure that its pizza orders in Australia and New Zealand will be delivered sustainably.

Partnering with Benzina Zero, electric mopeds will now be used for delivery orders. The vehicles have been used in a successful trial in several stores and will be extended to all restaurants.

More than 900 stores within the Domino’s chain will adopt the concept across the Tasman, ushering in sustainable innovation for food delivery services.

The partnership will also raise awareness for the Benzina Zero 1m2 project, regenerating land in Australia to allow further environmental support.

The head of equipment for construction, supply, and services at Domino’s, Earle Strong, said that the new system would be a significant step forward in ensuring the company is moving in the right direction.

“By utilising the Benzina Zero’s Duo electric moped, we are not only able to deliver our pizza more sustainably, but we are also able to provide additional efficiencies and cost reductions to our franchisees,” said Strong.

Domino’s first introduced the electric moped programme three years ago before deciding to partner with Benzina Zero.