Diabetes NZ releases recipe book

A new recipe book with a fresh take on healthy, tasty meals will make life much easier for the quarter of a million New Zealanders living with diabetes. Eat Well, Live Well launched at Simon Gault’s restaurant, Giraffe, as part of Diabetes Action Month.

“As a chef, and having battled with type 2 diabetes myself, I’m all too familiar with how smart and inventive you may have to be to put healthy food on the table,” Gault said. “This recipe book will be most welcome in Kiwi homes.”

The new recipe book will help everyone to eat well, but in particular those with type 1 or gestational diabetes and the increasing number of people who develop type 2 diabetes.

“Time-poor lifestyles, take-away meals and microwave dinners all contribute to an unhealthy diet, which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes,” said Heather Verry, CEO of Diabetes New Zealand.

“To help people enjoy more healthy home-cooked meals, we created a new recipe book with delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes. Each dish uses readily available and affordable ingredients, with easy recipes that are quick to prepare and family-friendly.”

Eat Well, Live Well contains more than 50 diabetes-friendly recipes every family will love, for everyday meals, snacks, desserts or for entertaining friends. It features a great variety of dishes from a range of cuisines, and many of the recipes were inspired by traditional Maori, Pacific and south Asian dishes. They include a modern version of a traditional Māori boil-up, Pacific classics such as Sapasui (Chop Suey) and a selection of Indian, Sri Lankan and Thai dishes.

Every recipe was approved by dietitian Helen Gibbs and all of the recipes have reduced levels of salt and saturated fats, using healthier alternatives to ensure that the food tastes great.