Dating App Bumble Is Opening Its First Café in NY

This month, Bumble Inc. will be opening Bumble Brew in New York.

The café and wine bar for daters, networkers and friends was announced two years with a projected opening date of autumn 2019. Due to permitting issues and the pandemic, the launch was delayed.

Now Bumble Brew, a partnership between the dating platform and Pasquale Jones from Delicious Hospitality Group, will open in downtown Nolita.

Originally, Bumble Brew was focused on ‘date friendly' food. This meant no sauce-dripping burgers or slippery spaghetti, or any dishes that would be awkward for a first date.

Now, the café has been reconceived as a safe space, where people can form healthy relationships and connections. This means a more robust dining experience for people who need to get out of the house, no matter the occasion.

Breakfast will include ricotta with bee pollen and plums, and wild greens with eggs, whilst lunch is a predominantly Mediterranean and vegetable-packed menu.

There will also be an ambitious coffee programme, alongside a selection of wines by small producers.

Due to the increase in online activity during lockdowns, Bumble expects people will pick up the numbers in real-life interaction.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Whitney Wolfe Herd called out a “pent up demand to socialise, to meet friends, to engage and to be with people.” Data Bumble collected showed that 90 percent of users in the United States who selected first-date preferences are ready to get ou there in real life.

The all-day dining location will initially open for breakfast, and periodically move to offering lunch and dinner.

The space, outfitted in Bumble’s signature yellow, includes an 80-seat dining room with a cocktail bar, patio seats and private dining room. Eventually, the restaurant will host events like those seen at Bumble Hive.