Crock-Pot targets hump day slump

Research released today by Crock-Pot in Australia revealed that the hump day slump is real, with Aussies feeling particularly stuck for cooking ideas on Wednesdays.

The research revealed that nearly half of Australians are on the hunt for easy meals with a short cook time, with 29 per cent of those surveyed finding Wednesday to be the most challenging day to prep food for.

"In response to the increasing demand for interesting mid-week meals, Australian celebrity chef and MasterChef Star Poh Ling Yeow has teamed up with Crock-Pot Express Crock to create a series of exclusive recipes. Aptly named #WednesdaysWithCrockPot, the campaign includes six new recipes from Poh, with one being released each week starting today.

Poh Ling Yeow said in a statement, "k-Pot is it keeps me eating healthily during those busy times when takeaway is really tempting - you can just bung everything in the one-pot, walk away and multitask like a boss! Who doesn’t love that? I’ve made sure there are recipes for the changing seasons and all stages of the day, so you get a great feel for how versatile this magic pot is. I hope everyone loves them as much as I do."

In their research, Crock-Pot found that millennials struggle the most with home-cooking, with 53 per cent choosing takeaway as their go-to cooking solution. Millennials with children are more inclined to cook but also lack inspiration, especially from Wednesday onwards.

Commenting on Aussie’s cooking habits, Newell Brands’ Home Economist Jill Cooney, said, “It’s long been known that there is a growing trend of people looking for convenient and easy cooking solutions, as we become more time-poor. But who knew that hump day was actually real and had crept into our kitchens!

“Our new recipe series sets about to provide Aussies with the inspiration and easy convenient recipe solutions that they need to overcome their mid-week meal dilemma, while empowering them to spend more time out of the kitchen with family and friends."