Creating Primo Picnic Pack Snacks

What do Kiwis love to eat outdoors? Well, anything they love eating indoors to be honest, but some dishes work better than others for takeaway and picnic settings. Why not give some of these ideas a go.

For the Plant-Based Picnic:

With all of the taste and none of the meat, Harvest Gourmet from Nestlé Professional is here to help chefs offer delicious plant-based menu items for their customers. Harvest Gourmet Chargrilled Pieces are a versatile, pre-cooked product with an authentic smokey taste.

Try this Tortilla Wrap with delicious Chargrilled Pieces, courgette and eggplant, click here.

Fries that Go the Distance:

No more soggy fries! McCain SureCrisp have been specifically formulated for takeaway and delivery applications. With a Signature Clear Coat Technology for a hold time of up to 30 minutes, and crispier for longer. Exceed consumers’ expectations for fry crispiness, and increase consumer confidence of ordering fries as a go-to-side, click here.

Perfect Picnic Burger:

Burgers are always a great go-to for a takeaway menu, and there are endless ways to make your brand’s burger unique. Everyone knows that a great burger starts with a  great pattie, Angel Bay provides the perfect solution, with a range of convenient, part-cooked products. Specifically designed to give busy chefs more ways to delight diners, click here.

Wash it down with a Good Buzz:

Kiwis are still buzzing about Kombucha. For those that enjoy their brew on the go, Kombucha aficionado, Good Buzz, have created a four-pack slimline can for the summer and because it doesn’t have to be kept cold, it makes for the perfect accompaniment for a picnic pack, click here.