Controversial Valentine’s Day sign at an Auckland café

A controversial sign outside an Auckland café has captured public attention. The sign read, “On Valentine’s Day open the car door for her. After Valentine’s Day open the car boot for her.” The sign in question caught attention because of its perceived link to violence against women. The café manager said that it was a joke about grocery shopping and opening the boot for one to place groceries in.

Although there has been widespread publicity, the manager affirmed that it was not meant to be offensive— “We are peaceful people,” he said.

Part of the problem lies in New Zealand’s history of domestic violence. Women’s Refuge chief executive Ang Jury said, “The problem that we have in New Zealand is real. Call it PC; I’m sure people will. It’s not. I think people will actually find it incredibly offensive.”

Customers took matters into their own hands and rubbed off parts of the sign whenever they could.