Breweries and artificial intelligence technology

GlobalData predicts challenges for breweries utilising artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI technology is developing throughout every sector across the globe—it is only a matter of time before it permeates everything. For the brewing industry, there are many ways in which AI technology can be used in order to streamline brewing processes and analyse data gathered from beer drinkers.

Some of the world’s largest breweries, including Kirin and Asahi, have begun optimising AI use in their breweries. Shagun Sachdeva, consumer insights analyst at GlobalData, said, “Leading breweries are embracing the latest technologies to create better-customised taste combinations and ensure higher-quality products that meet food-safety regulations.” The use of AI technology has helped these breweries to predict trends and analyse more data in a shorter time frame, in greater depth.

The challenges, however, come with negatives. “Brewers contemplating incorporating AI in their operations must understand the challenges that come with its adoption. With cost being the leading factor, brewers need to be ready with deep pockets. Another challenge is whether to build in-house technology or buy it. Even when the brewers find the perfect vendor, another obstacle will be integrating and using the new AI technology with the existing system.”

One part of the beer industry that seems resistant to technological development is the idea of speciality and unique beers. Especially in craft beers, “secret recipes” are paramount. The widespread introduction of AI could water this down over time.