Duncan Venison, in partnership with Pamu Farms and Zealfresh Ltd, are excited to introduce a new venison product, The Bistro Fillet.

Bistro Fillets are the result of extensive research and consultation across the industry, to produce a product that ensures a great eating experience for the consumer, along with confidence for the kitchen.

The goal was to provide a product that was consistent across the board, in taste, tenderness, supply and price, and initial feedback from customers and clients alike is that this goal has been achieved.

Owned and operated by Andy and Vinnie Duncan for the last 27 years, Duncan Venison is a specialist venison company. For Vinnie and Andy, this opportunity to offer a new product is one dear to their hearts, as a percentage of sales is directed back to charitable projects via their ‘Feed the Future’ programme.

The partnership with Pamu Farms is an integral part of the new initiative. Pamu deer are naturally reared and raised in wide-open pastures and vast natural landscapes, running free, and grazing naturally. Pamu is the Maori word ‘to farm’, and reflects a genuine desire to protect and enhance the land, and to deliver products of the highest quality.

Zealfresh have many years of experience in offering quality specialty items to the foodservice industry.

Duncan Venison, with Pamu Farms and Zealfresh, present a complete package of quality and service. Combined with an affordable center of plate cost, and its great versatility of use, the Bistro Fillet is the most exciting venison cut to become available in years.

For more information visit or Call Zealfresh on 0800 493 253 to order, and all orders placed in August, quoting ‘Café News’ will receive a surprise gift, as a thank you from Andy and Vinnie Duncan for your support.