Comparing Prices of McDonald’s Around the World

Scoffing a McDonald's Big Mac will set you back $8.20 in New Zealand, but the Lebanese aren't loving the NZ$30.90 it costs them.

A new study by Expensivity collated the prices of the most popular items from the McDelivery menu in 118 countries in US dollars.

The price of a Big Mac in each of the 24 McDonald's branches in Lebanon is US$21.89, which is US$10 more than the second most expensive place, The Netherlands, at US$10.89 per burger.

You could buy five burgers for the same price in Russia, which has the cheapest Big Mac for just US$1.94.

Would you like fries with that?

It'll be a no in Lebanon, where a large fries is US$13.27. But in the Philippines, Turkey, and Croatia, fries cost less than US$1.

In the US, fries are currently US$3.19, which is 24 percent more than the global average.

In New Zealand, a large fries costs NZ$4.85 (US$3.43), while a classic Happy Meal costs NZ$8.10.

It's more than double the cost in Pakistan, which is the cheapest place to grab a small burger, fries and drink for just $US2.11.

Happy Meals in Malaysia, the Philippines and Egypt are also less than US$2.50.

But in Lebanon, you'll be out of pocket US$21.89 for one happy meal, which is nearly five times the global average and the cost of one Big Mac.

The Lebanese Happy Meal is also nearly three times the price of Switzerland's US$8.53.

In New Zealand, the most expensive item is the Mozzarella Beef Burger at NZ$11.09 (approximately US$8), while the Big Brekkie Burger is Australia's priciest item at US$5.97.