After two years of research and product development with the University of Auckland, Protein Enriched Coffee Solution has created New Zealand’s only protein-enriched coffee. PECS are just like normal coffee grains, except they are 35 percent protein. The coffee blend removes the need for protein shakes or extra food for consumers wanting to maintain or increase their protein intake.

“It’s a simple idea that gave rise to a few challenges at first,” said founder Chris Buhmann. “It became a passion project for us to find a protein powder that would actually blend with coffee properly without changing its taste or texture.”

The concept behind mixing protein with coffee was to ensure people could get their protein intake without doing anything differently, day to day. The premium coffee product took two years to develop due to finding the right protein mix and getting the flavour and texture right.

“We don’t want people to give up getting that coffee-hit feeling just because there is protein in it,” Buhlmann said. “It is an added benefit that doesn’t take anything away from people’s beloved cup of coffee. We have developed a premium instant coffee/whey isolate blend that dissolves easily in hot water. The idea is to get your perfect coffee hit, while also getting your protein intake.”

“The biggest challenge was including a high protein content in the formulation while ensuring solubility in hot water,” said Auckland University’s Director of Food Science Programme Siew-Young Queck.

PECS coffee is good for customers looking to increase their protein intake while enjoying a cup of coffee, but it’s also great for vegetarians looking for alternative protein sources, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.