Contrary to what we have been led to believe, new science is showing that drinking coffee before taking a nap will help you sleep better.

Caffeine takes roughly 20 minutes until it works. So, drinking a cup before a nap and then going immediately to sleep should result in you; waking up 20 minutes later on a caffeine high.

In fact, scientists have actually studied the concept of the coffee-related power nap and found that it indeed does work. The science behind the cup is that caffeine fools the brains adenosine receptors. These receptors, when bound with adenosine in the brain, is what causes drowsiness but caffeine which also binds to the same receptors speeds up brain activity, resulting in you feeling more awake.

Not only does the caffeine speed the receptors up but taking a nap will clear some of the receptors up. So, combining both a nap and caffeine will, in fact, enhance the results of your caffeine high.

So next time you need a power nap, chuck back a cup of joe and be ready to feel refreshed like never before.