coca cola come alive adv

Coca-Cola is about to release a colour-changing packaging throughout New Zealand, as part of its Coke Come Alive campaign. As the campaign’s name suggests, when chilled to the right temperature these limited-edition cans and bottles literally come alive with colour. The innovation concerns the whole trademark, including Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life.
Aside from the new packaging, the brand will also launch a major national integrated campaign, aimed to reach more than 88 percent of Kiwis. Using the image recognition technology, consumers will be able to unlock exclusive experiences and content, by simply taking a snap of their Coke products. In the meantime, high-impact outdoor advertising will be placed around strategic locations.
“As well as launching another Coke-first to the market, in the form of our remarkable colour-changing packaging, we are delighted to be able to reward our loyal customers with fun prizes for them,” said Delina Shields, Group Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola NZ. “We look forward to seeing our strategy come alive over the coming months and sparking conversation among both existing and new consumers.”