Christchurch Cafe Renames Iconic NZ Biscuit

Christchurch's Foundation Cafe has renamed the traditional Afghan cookie after Griffin's changed its version to Milk Chocolate Roughs.

The origins of the Afghan biscuit's name is ambiguous, but some historians believe it has racial connotations.

University of Otago emeritus professor Helen Leach, who has extensively researched historical New Zealand cuisine, said the most likely theory was the biscuit being named after Afghan people who drove camels in the Australian Outback from the 1860s to 1930s.

Another theory is the walnut and icing on the biscuit is reminiscent of the Afghan mountains.

Nevertheless, Foundation Cafe changed the biscuit's name to 1908 to reflect the changing political landscape. The new name is a tribute to the year the Edmonds Cook Book was first published.