When Donald Trump announced the barring of travellers from seven Middle Eastern and North African countries, chefs around the United States responded by expressing their views and beliefs through the plate. A group of chefs, lamenting the fact that work schedules meant they were unable to join the protests, decided to take it upon themselves and design menus inspired by the very countries on the list. John Adams of Marrow in Indianapolis adapted dishes such as Somalian fried doughnuts with nigella seeds and date glaze, Sudanese sorghum porridge with seared foie gras and Irani lamb sweetbreads for his special protest menu. “Business wise, we saw it as a boost. Maybe we annoyed some people, but I doubt it,” said Adams. “And if we did, that’s ok too. We keep it real in the Midwest.” Other chefs have put on special events in order to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union.