Burger sales rise after ranking

Sales at the Good Good burger restaurant in Dunedin have shot up after appearing on an international website praising good burgers.

The chain opened two years ago and business has been steady – however, the appearance of Good Good in an article titled “The 25 Best Burgers in New Zealand,” posted on travel website Big 7, has seen sales double.

Reece Turfus and Rob Ratten started the business after spending time working in Perth. They found a space in Dunedin’s Warehouse Precinct and purchase a caravan to serve as a kitchen.

“We wanted to do something for ourselves rather than work for someone else,” Turfus said. “We had no idea what we were doing, so we thought ‘let’s put a kitchen in a caravan so if we completely blow this then we can at least pull our kitchen out and sell it’.”

The venture has been a success, and the pair are now expanding with a counter to serve beer and receive payment.

“It’s been quite a shock — we didn’t expect it but we get all sorts in the evenings… Friday and Saturday nights here are out of control,” Turfus said. ‘‘It’s constantly growing down here. We get a huge number of workers in during the day.’’

The menu is limited to just beef chicken and vegetarian, something Turfus said was a conscious choice.

“People hate making decisions, so we’ve taken the hard decision-making away from people.”