Broadbill with Hibiscus Watermelon Froth and Puha Greens


By Timo Dicker, Blue Baths, Rotorua


Broadbill loin

Fresh turmeric
Lime leaf
Fish sauce

Bloom Tea (Forage & Bloom)
50g sugar
30ml apple cider vinegar
300g watermelon
6g xanthan


  1. Make a poaching liquor with fresh turmeric, ginger, lime leaf and fish sauce, simmer 30mins to infuse.
  2. Make 300ml hibiscus tea with Bloom from Forage & Bloom. Add 50g sugar and 30ml apple cider vinegar. Strain and blend in 300g watermelon, no pips. Strain again.
  3. Blend in 6g xanthan. Charge twice in cream siphon.
  1. Cut the broadbill loin into 100g pieces.
  2. Poach the broadbill 4 minutes in the liquor and finish in the pan or on a grill for colour and to take it to medium.
  3. Blanch the puha for 15 seconds, strain and season. Plate the puha and arrange fresh herbs with grilled, dressed radishes to create a salad.
  4. Cut broadbill and present on plate.
  5. Finish with watermelon froth and a simple reduced fish cream.