Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is the most versatile cooking product in the NZ market and is a favourite staple in many Kiwi pantries. Pure, fresh and clean tasting, Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is cold-pressed in the Pacific Islands and contains no additives, contaminants and is naturally cholesterol-free. It stays semi-solid at temperatures below 24° Celsius, but unlike other hardened coconut fats and margarines it isn’t hydrogenated. Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is refined with natural absorptive clays to eliminate the strong coconut flavour.

One of the many outstanding features of cooking with Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is its versatility, it has a very high smoke point of 232°C and can be used to sauté, pan-fry, deep fry or roast vegetables, fish or meat to perfection. It can also be used instead of butter or margarine in most recipes. Perfect for baking and Asian-style cooking as it is tasteless and odourless, and will last up to two years in your kitchen pantry; it’s also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and very economical, a little goes a long way.

Many Pacific Island communities supply coconut oil for Blue Coconut Cooking Oil. You can check the batch number of your foodservice trade pack online to see whether your oil has come from the island of Rabaul, Vanuatu, Samoa, or Fiji. Buying this product will help improve the lives of these island communities.

Blue Coconut Cooking Oil 4 litre trade pack is now available nationwide from foodservice distributors, for more information visit