Beer bike rides into Napier

Napier’s new happy hour beer bike has been a hit with locals, as it encourages workers to stay longer in the CBD in the evening. The bike has been operating for the last two months, and Napier City Business Inc manager Zoe Barnes said that the concept was here to stay.

“People are loving the event, with more people turning up every time,” she said. “Honestly, I think it is filling a gap of something fun, quirky and different within Hawke's Bay.”

According to licensing laws the bike must be located within a licensed premises in order to serve alcohol, but Barnes said that this only serves to promote different hospitality outlets.

“We have recognised that there are numerous great hospitality providers opening within the CBD, but historically the vibe in the CBD quietens off mid-afternoon,” Barnes said. “So recognising that we need people in town to keep these businesses thriving we have embarked on a project to try to shift what seems to be the Hawke's Bay culture of heading home straight after work.”

The bike has been serving drinks from local breweries Brave Brewery, Three Birds Cider and Williams Warn.

"We are already being approached directly by brewers wanting to be involved and we absolutely encourage any business to reach out if they want to take part,” she said. "This happy hour beer bike is one piece of the puzzle of what we are working on to build the after-five vibe in the CBD and there will be more rolling out as the year progresses."