AU | Tim Tam Joins the McDonald’s Fam

Creating a limited-edition Tim Tam-flavoured dessert, Arnott’s has teamed up with fast-food chain McDonald’s.

The Tim Tam McFlurry goes on sale today but is only available via online order through UberEats for a week before being released in McDonald’s outlets on December 1.

The dessert, which brings together two hugely popular food brands, will be the centrepiece of what the chain describes as its biggest summer advertising campaign yet.

“Macca’s is kicking off two months of exciting new menu items, delicious flavour combinations and iconic brand collaborations to help our customers enjoy great times together,” said Tim Kenward, marketing director at McDonald’s Australia.

He said that from now through to the end of summer, McDonald’s will be launching a range of brand partnerships, collaborations, promotions, and new menu items.

At the moment, the Tim Tam McFlurry is only available in Australia, but sources reveal it should be heading to New Zealand in the new year.