All-inclusive coffee chain

A PledgeMe campaign launched by The Lucy Foundation is hoping to grow what is believed to be the first disability-inclusive value chain of coffee in the world. The Foundation represents inclusivity right the way through the supply line, from the farmers in Mexico to the consumer in New Zealand.

The Foundation enters its third phase, after beginning in the Waikato around five years ago. In its third phase, The Foundation will look to increase employment opportunities for disabled people within the coffee industry, while scaling the coffee supply chain to a sustainable business model.

Now, The Lucy Foundation is calling on its supporters to help grow its Pluma Coffee Project into a social enterprise. The Pluma Coffee Project is a collaboration with a small village, Pluma Hidalgo, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Currently, the Foundation is awaiting their latest shipment of a unique variety of Pluma coffee in New Zealand.

The Lucy Foundation purchases the coffee from local families in Pluma, who along with disabled people and their families, process the coffee before exporting to New Zealand. Once in New Zealand, The Lucy Foundation partners with other organisations that support disability rights and roast, market and sell the coffee.

To support the PledgeMe campaign, or to learn more, please visit