Additions to Nespresso’s Reviving Origins Range

Nespresso has introduced two new coffees to its Reviving Origins range, the organic Kahawa ya Congo and Cafecito de Cuba.

The two coffees join the permanent Reviving Origins range that was introduced to New Zealanders in 2020, featuring Amaha awe Uganda, Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia.

These are no ordinary coffees; they are made possible by Nespresso's Reviving Origins programme, which revives coffee agriculture and local coffee economies in regions affected by adversities such as conflict, economic hardship, and environmental disasters. As these coffees reach the brink of extinction, Nespresso's Reviving Origins programme revitalises the regions through long-term investments and day-to-day work with farmers.

Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager Stefan Vermeulen said, "New Zealand is a coffee-loving nation, and once again, we join Kiwis in believing the ethicality and sustainability behind a product's creation are equally as important as the taste. We are proud to extend our Reviving Origins program to support the regions of Congo and Cuba, breathing new life into more local economies around the globe, and more importantly, communities in these regions."

"Through the Reviving Origins program, Nespresso provides support to struggling coffee farming areas and helps breathe new life into local economies. When coffee has been created with care and purpose, it's a difference you can taste. The Reviving Origins range gives Kiwis the opportunity to enjoy the world's rarest coffees while sustaining coffee growing communities."

Smooth organic coffee with mild fruity notes and alluring sweet cereal and nutty aromas
Intensity: 7
Extractions: 40ml – 110ml

Enjoy it as: Cappuccino

The rain-rich volcanic soils along the Kivu lakeshores of Eastern Congo are ideal Arabica terroir. Years of continued conflict and political instability left many plantations abandoned and smallholder farmers tapping only a fraction of Congo's potential for specialty coffee. Nespresso's Reviving Origins range joins together with over 2,800 Kivu farmers and partners to support coffee communities in raising Congo coffee – delivering the first organic coffee in our Reviving Origins range while reviving coffee by creating access to affordable health and clean water.

KAHAWA ya CONGO is still a scarce treasure to behold. But each year, Nespresso will bring more of this smooth organic coffee with mild fruity notes and alluring sweet cereal and nutty aromas.

Intense roasted character, packed with smoky notes of wood and tobacco leaves
Intensity: 10
Extraction: 25ml

Enjoy it as: Macchiato

Cuba's coffee production declined over time, but their vibrant coffee culture never faded. Nespresso's Reviving Origins program partners with Cuban farmers to grab that joy for coffee and bring about a revived industry. Nespresso has an ambitious goal for training technicians and farmers to improve their coffee's quality, and although it’s well underway it will take time, especially given global challenges. But already, Nespresso has bought 60% more of this delicious Arabica compared to last season, and will continue to revive this coffee by enhancing sustainable quality production and know-how.

Seasonally, Nespresso will bring in Café de Cuba – a dense, velvety-textured Arabica coffee with an intense roasted character, packed with smoky notes of wood and tobacco leaves.