As the company continues to grow and evolve globally and adapts to different market leads, Cossiga has made changes to its range for 2016, particularly in the UK. This has meant building in flexibility within the product range, refining the look and offering customised accessories.

The largest addition is its Ceramic Heated Glass displays, the newest way of presenting hot food. Sleek, easy to clean and a great merchandiser that enables establishments to display hot food in dishes rather than the less than pretty gastronorm pans.

“We are excited about having a completely new product in our range and early feedback indicates it will be very well received in the market,” said Tim Rillstone, general manager – director of Cossiga.

“This product is part of a major upgrade of the Linear Range of drop in wells. New straight line gantry and square glass options add to the already versatile range – certainly worth a closer look!”

The release of the Ceramic modules coincides with a complete facelift of the Linear Range of Drop In Modules, now with square gantry’s with various glass options.

Mix and match modules for buffet, food court line, breakfast bar or sushi display.

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