Graduates throwing their caps in the air

International Culinary Studio (ICS) has opened its doors to fresh graduates caught in a post-university panic.

Although overseas travel is a popular graduate destination, it is also an expensive luxury that not many people can afford. However, according to Cheryl Nesbitt, CEO of ICS, students are now considering further study in hospitality to fund their overseas experience.

The school’s portfolio offers programmes including NZQA and City & Guild qualifications which provide graduates with the opportunity to work in hospitality and culinary roles all around the globe - essentially allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds by combining online training and travelling.

“Even if a career in that industry isn’t the end goal, it’s a fantastic way to see the world, fund your overseas experience and gain some irreplaceable life experiences,” said Nesbitt.

There is an array of courses offered via ICS available to everyone from professional chefs to beginners. It allows students to complete studies using a system which can be translated in over 104 languages including Te Reo Māori.