A boost to Nestlé Professional’s Network of Advisory Chefs

Staying ahead of culinary trends and delivering innovation to the chef community is the role of Nestlé Professional’s new Commercial Advisory Chef Karl Seidel.

The experienced chef, who began his own culinary journey at the age of 16, will be showcasing the versatility of Nestlé Professional products as well as creative application techniques and exciting new recipes.

“I’ll be working in partnership with chefs and others who are searching for fresh ideas and inspiration on how to innovate menus while also meeting the demands of New Zealand’s fast-paced and dynamic hospitality environment,” expressed Seidel.

As Nestlé Professional’s ambassador to the chef community, Seidel brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. During his career, he has worked as a chef in numerous hotels across the UK and South Africa. He has also owned a café, catering company and restaurants, and managed a family boutique hotel.

He joins an extensive global network of around 220 other Nestlé Professional advisory chefs.

Look out for Seidel at various trade shows around the country from this month onwards. Contact Karl today and find out how he can support the development of your creative menu solutions advisory.chef@nz.nestle.com