Preservative-free syrups made with impeccable ingredients. The Hakanoa syrup range has been made with the help of experienced and discerning baristas, who want syrups that are as carefully sourced and prepared as their coffee beans.

All of the Chai concentrates are made from whole fresh spices ground to order, organic raw sugar, and black tea. These are carefully prepared to create truly authentic chai lattes that are not too sweet.

Hakanoa Handmade use fresh Fijian ginger, slowly simmered and steeped before straining. Its Ginger syrups and Golden Turmeric latte concentrate are potent, smooth and beautifully flavoursome.

The new Caramel, Vanilla & Hazelnut syrups are specifically designed to keep baristas happy. There will always be customers that want flavoured lattes, no matter how much you wish they didn’t. So, the team at Hakanoa made beautifully balanced syrups that won’t overwhelm your beautifully made coffee.

Hakanoa uses only organic raw sugar, organic caramelised sugar, a dash of sea salt and natural flavours. Zero preservatives, zero fake stuff. All Hakanoa products are preservative-free, gluten-free, sulphate-free and shelf stable for two years.

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