Getting rid of fine sediment in a grease trap is a problem for most restaurants. Coffee grinds, rice, flour and other small particles which pass through the sink filter, all happily congregate on the bottom of any grease trap and cannot get out. Over time it forms a thick sludge which must be removed professionally and which often smells.

To combat this, Mactrap is introducing its 2018 model, which has a pump out option and is designed so this sediment pools at one end so it can be pumped out when required.

The pump out is computer controlled so it can only be actioned after the automatic cycle removing the fat oil and grease (or FOG) is completed, so the FOG is not pumped out into the waste system.

While the pump out is in action, it helps to fill the sink with hot soapy water then let that run into the grease trap to give it a rinse out. It won’t eliminate the need for a professional service every six months, but it will help keep the grease trap cleaner for longer and avoid costly clean out costs.

Like earlier versions of the Grease Boss, the Grease Boss 2018 is designed so all FOG extracted from the wastewater runs into an old plastic milk bottle or another container that can be thrown away after use or recycled.

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