Restaurant & Cafe gathers together the best of New Zealand kombucha.

    A bottle of Kombucha King Lemon and Lime kombucha


Brewing kombucha commercially in Hawke’s Bay since 2009, Kombucha King offers an “on-the-go” 375ml PET range, a 500ml re-usable glass swing-top range and is excited to release a new 330ml glass range this winter. Organic certification ensures their entire process is sustainable and socially conscious. Small batches are brewed by hand using an ancient and unique fermentation recipe. The living culture develops the carbonation naturally, creating an unpasteurised, alive, low-sugar ‘food’. Five flavours are available, each enhanced by extensive study and careful ingredient choices encompassing juices, teas and herbs, chosen for their individual and synergistic properties. They would love to hear from you. Cheers to a healthy gut! For more info visit: www.kombuchaking.co.nz.

A bottle of Good Buzz Raspberry and Lemon kombucha


Good Buzz Kombucha was born out of a passion for making it at home using a culture passed down through the family starting with Alex’s grandmother from Kaikohe in 1974. It is brewed the traditional way and then bottled – never diluted and with nothing added like sweeteners or juice. Not all kombucha is created equal and they never take shortcuts simply for the sake of lowering sugar, reducing costs or extending shelf life. It is certified organic and Fairtrade, raw and unpasteurised, teeming with all the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. The range consists of seven flavours in 328ml bottles including; Feijoa (the number one seller), Lemon Ginger, Raspberry Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Origins, Jasmine, and Green Tea. Larger 888ml bottles, 4-packs and kegs are also available. Made with Otakiri Spring water in Tauranga, New Zealand. For more information email hello@goodbuzz.nz

A bottle of Batchwell Braeburn kombucha


Brewed in Auckland, Batchwell is a unique handcrafted organic tea blend. Made from cold-pressed fruit juice using only the highest quality produce, steeped in twice filtered water, Batchwell is a naturally bubbly probiotic tea. Its flavours include Pineapple & Ginger, Beetroot and Braeburn, as well as a Grape – flavoured with Sauvignon Blanc juice from Amisfield winery. Batchwell is available on tap and by the bottle throughout New Zealand, or you can purchase through their online store. For more information visit www.batchwell.com or email hello@batchwell.com or call 027 616 9616.

A bottle of Remedy Original organic kombucha


Naturally fermented and full of healthy live cultures and organic acids, Remedy Kombucha is as authentic as it comes. Better yet, Remedy is naturally sugar-free and is the only kombucha with the ‘I Quit Sugar’ tick to prove it. Remedy is great for gut health and overall well-being as it is made from all-natural ingredients, raw and unpasteurised, certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, fructose-free and paleo friendly. Remedy Kombucha is available in Original, Ginger Lemon, Apple Crisp, Raspberry Lemonade and Hibiscus Kiss flavours.

For more information email gregs@realfoods.co.nz or call 09 256 4280.

A bottle of K4 Rosehip and Hibiscus kombucha


K4 is crafted using a multi-step brewing process to create a light, refreshing Kombucha, reminiscent of cider. A great alternative to alcohol or soft drinks, K4 Kombucha is rich in probiotic bacteria, beneficial yeasts, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

It is available in three herbal flavours. Rosehip & Hibiscus is a sparkly and sharp drink with bright acidic notes. Apple and Elderflower is a soft and smooth beverage, with a delicate apple paired with honey-like elderflower, creating crowd-pleasing little bubbles. Finally, Mint & Chamomile, a crisp, refreshing, naturally fizzy choice with energising mint flavours and undertones of earthy chamomile. For more information call 027 774 5001.

A bottle of Banjo Brews organic blueberry kombucha


Brewed by friends Heather and Sandie, who’ve been friends for nearly 20 years, Banjo Brews is a tasty alternative to alcohol that isn’t crammed with sugar, flavouring or concentrates. Handcrafted with biogro natural organic ingredients, Banjo makes kombucha the way it has been traditionally made for centuries. Using their special blend of organic green and black teas, all flavoured with real fruit, herbs and spices, the resulting beverages are lively, pure and clean tasting. They make six different blends that not only taste amazing, but have countless health benefits. For more information email contact@banjobreweries.co.nz or visit www.banjobrews.co.nz