Guests will be able to experience a unique culinary journey at the newly opened R-HAAN, a fine dining establishment serving authentic Thai cuisine in a royal Thai setting right at the heart of Thong Lor area of Bangkok.

R-HAAN stresses the importance of what is authentically Thai, and finds inspiration in the old Thai saying “Nai nam mee pla, nai na mee khao”, which relates to the abundance of food in Thailand and reflects the global popularity of Thai food and the beauty of Thai art and culture.

R-HAAN showcases the essence of real Thai cuisine through the expert art of seasoning using the same spices and ingredients found in the original recipes, thus ensuring the preservation of Thailand’s cultural heritage and the full taste and flavour of Thai food.

“At R-HAAN, all of our ingredients are sourced in Thailand,” said Chumpol Jangprai. “We carefully select the freshest and finest ingredients from the different regions of Thailand. For example, the sea bass is from Bang Pakong river and we use Khao Hom Jasmine rice from Chiangrai and Ubon Ratchathani.”

Chumpol, a well-known ambassador of Thai cuisine, co-owns the restaurant with Piti Bhirombhakdi, a member of the family that owns Boon Rawd Brewery, the brewer of Singha beer, and himself a gourmet and chef.

The “wisdom of Thai cuisine” is the theme for the preparation of the food based on five elements:  local ingredients, the art of seasoning, heating to bring the ingredients and seasoning together in perfect harmony, balancing the many ingredients that go into each dish, and passion.