The luxury range of LV wines from Marlborough are being described as deliciously different by their winemaker, and an attractive addition to the market. The three wines made in Louis Vavasour’s Awatere Valley winery – Methode Traditionelle NV, Chardonnay 2016 and Pinot Noir 2016 – debut in the New Zealand market this month.

The Vavasour family has been a key part of the Marlborough winemaking establishment for several decades, and while Louis has carried on the family tradition, he has very much cut his own path from humble beginnings trading out of his bedroom in 2006.

“I’d rather go against the grain,” he said. “That’s reflected in these wines. It was always my ambition to put the Awatere Valley on the map and make the best possible wines from this area, so it is important to me that these wines have real personality and a sense of place.”

Given the luxury nature of the wines and the slightly rebellious nature of the brand, Vavasour said if there was one person that was a bullseye for the target market it would be a certain red-headed prince, who would be welcome for a tasting any time.