Why Brand Position is so Important


It is no surprise that the restaurant industry is highly competitive. On top of that, the sector has been hard hit by the pandemic impacting operations and turnover. This begs the question: what can help restaurants to stay afloat?

Building a recognisable brand

First and foremost, you need to create your restaurant brand. Building an easily accessible and transparent brand will not only help you to keep your customers but will also attract new ones. This all might sound easier said than done. There is no doubt that to build a memorable brand you have to put a lot of effort into it. So let’s dive into ways to develop a strong brand with a loyal customer base.

The very first thing that you need is to tell people what you do. If it is a local cuisine made from scratch using fresh ingredients from local farms, tell the story. The more people know about you, the more connected and likely it is that they will visit your restaurant.

Understand your customers

Another crucial thing to consider is your customer base. Potential customers must know if your restaurant serves their needs. It has to be clear whether you are an affordable place for people to have a hearty meal or an exclusive high-end establishment for those who are willing to pay for the experience and, for example, gourmet dishes.

You also should let the customers know what makes you different from other places in the area. If there are two Mediterranean-themed restaurants nearby, people are very likely to visit the one that’s closest to them or the one they have already been to. Show them that your menu is more extensive, tastier, healthier — whatever it is that makes you stand out, show it.

Showcase your strengths

Branding must include your stand on the essential things to you. You create a unique experience, providing customers with freshly made meals treating both customers and workers with dignity and respect. Let everybody know that your position on these points is of utmost importance. This will attract like-minded customers who share your values, a nice touch for any business.

Develop your concept and story. Brands with no concept tend to seem shallow and only driven by profit, and potential customers are not attracted. Introduce clientele to your founders and the story behind opening the restaurant. Show them who the person is in the kitchen that creates the menu options. Let them get to know the staff that brew the beer and toss the salads. Once again, do not be shy to tell them what makes you unique, how you are different from others, how you are better at running and managing your restaurant. Is there a story behind some decorations or even the whole interior design? Then share it!

Create a brand logo and identity

Using up to date branding strategies and material is crucial for the success of your restaurant. One of the first things to consider is creating a logo, as it plays a vital role in building your brand. Therefore, you need to find a talented logo designer who will make an eye-catching logo that will tell your restaurant's story. Work with experts to help you develop your unique style that reflects your values and resonates with your customers. Once it’s all done and dusted, a well-designed logo will help your customers build connections with your place and attract the attention of your potential guests.

Follow these steps and never underestimate the power of correct modern branding. These days, when the abundance is so overwhelming, many restaurants are having a hard time trying to win customers. Developing a solid brand is the key to running a sustainable restaurant business. Be transparent and share your restaurant's story.

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