The Midnight Baker started as a hobby, mainly because owner Yeshe Dawa couldn’t find any gluten free bread that she wanted to eat.

“Most options that you could buy from the supermarket contained highly refined ingredients, tasted bland, and had a really odd texture. So I decided to make my own.  I shared it with friends who in turned passed it on, and things grew from there. I realised there were quite a few people out there in the same situation as myself,” Dawa said.

The Midnight Baker makes the Freedom Loaf, a high-fibre seed bread free of wheat, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, egg, yeast and nuts.

“It’s excellent for digestion and incredibly filling. It's made using good quality, whole ingredients. It's what bread should be.”

Dawa makes the Freedom Loaves from Welcome Eatery's kitchen in the evenings, when everyone has gone home.

“I've been fortunate enough to work with a range of high calibre cafes and restaurants who serve the Freedom Loaf on their menus, including Catroux, Rata, Dear Jervois, Major Sprout, The Strand, Sip Kitchen, Odettes and The Shelter.”

The Midnight Baker is also at La Cigale French markets every Sunday, with whole loaves and toast by the slice for sale.

“I'd love to grow the range of offerings that we serve at The Midnight Baker, focusing on excellent quality and taste whilst being gluten and dairy free.”

For more information contact Yeshe Dawa on 021 222 1392.