Weirdough & Tuck

Weirdough & Tuck officially opened on 30 September. The original Scratch Bakers site at City Works Depot closed its doors for the last time on 18 September and the team spent the next nine days renovating the front of house, and upgrading the kitchen. The tuck shop idea had been developing for a few months stemming from general manager/chef Steve Vanderput and executive chef Andrew McGregor. The fit out was designed by Laura Smith, going for a clean, minimal feel. The industrial feel is carried through the handmade furnishings and cabinetry, all made and assembled on site. Stand out dishes include veal and venison meatball baguette with salsa verde, white anchovies and jus, Welsh rarebit and ale Jaffle, pan fried sweetbreads, celeriac remoulade and cornichon brioche bun. The most popular dishes are the gruyere and herb tater tots.
The food is paired with beverage offerings;
Scratch's Craig MacKenzie and Jonny have put together a short list of summer refreshers. Homemade sodas include lavender cola, cascara and lime, earl grey and marmalade and beetroot and burnt orange alongside Three Beans Single Origin cold drip served with East Imperial tonic.